Mickey’s Weekly Recommendations! (yes, plural)

Happy Th… wait… Happy Tuesday?

I do realize it’s Tuesday and my recommendations usually come on Thursday. But since I haven’t posted anything in a long time, I decided to do three recommendations at once at this random time. Also, since it’s summer and I have found time to watch a couple of TV shows, these recommendations will be entirely random TV shows that have made a good impression on me and that I recommend. Enjoy!

3. ‘Limitless’ 

‘Limitless’ is a very original show that I enjoyed highly. It is made for entertainment, for chilling after school or work. The show is fun. It’s relaxing. It has a very interesting overall plot and an okay story in every episode (each episode has a story on its own, which are not amazing, but are fine). I find ‘Limitless’ a great show for relaxing. It has a few problems, there are a few arcs that are overly-exploited and some episodes that are weird in the overall idea of the show, but I find it a fine production for watching while eating pizza.

2. ‘Ballers’

When I started watching the first episode of ‘Ballers’, I had basically no idea what the show was about. It surprised me. It has some original and fascinating ideas and concepts developed. There is stuff about PTSD, addiction, the dangers of fame, etc. It has its funny moments as well. Overall, it is a really good show. The acting is phenomenal, I did not expect this cast to so well. The major problems with ‘Ballers’, however, are two. One, there are some story arcs which are not developed enough (there is a story about a football player and his best friend that just looked out of place to me). Two, I don’t know weather I should call this TV show a drama? It has that dramatic atmosphere to it, yes, but it really doesn’t effect me as much as a well thought-out drama does. That’s strange, right?

1. ‘Jessica Jones’

Holy s**t. I loved this. First of all, when you get into ‘Jessica Jones’, you have to know that it is NOT a show about a superhero. It’s a show about a very complex woman’s life, who just happens to have superpowers to make things even more awesome. The show explores themes like alcoholism, PTSD, love, power, family, and basically everything else you want! First of all, the acting in this show is f*****g unbelievable. All of the actors deserve f*****g Emmys. Jessica Jones is an amazing character, I loved following her life and seeing her develop. The villain, Kilgrave, is, and I’m not exaggerating here, probably my favorite villain in a superhero production. I LOVED HIM. He was just amazing. Just the right amount of crazy and just the right amount of character development to him. There are also many other story arcs in the show about Jessica’s friends and family. My only problem with ‘Jessica Jones’ is actually the story arc of her lawyer, which seemed pushed and not developed enough. Regardless, I adored this show.

Guys, I recommend all three of these shows. It really depends on your own personal preference which one(s) you choose to watch.

Now go have a wonderful wee… wait… rest of the week?