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I promised you I’d be back this week full speed! I have a lot of stuff planned (I’ll talk a lot about TV this weekend) and I wanted to do something special for today. In honor of ‘Logan’, I decided to rank all 9 X-Men movies (not including ‘Deadpool‘). Don’t forget, this is my personal list. I might put some movies before others simply because I enjoy watching them more and not because they are necessarily better productions. Enjoy!

№9: ‘The Wolverine’

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I enjoy ‘The Wolverine’ a lot and it’s a fine production, but it felt a bit random. I just didn’t feel like I needed it. The story was interesting, but it wasn’t too compelling and I honestly don’t remember much of it. ‘The Wolverine’ is last mainly because I’ll re-watch any other X-Men movie before this one.

№8: ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

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Before you judge me that I didn’t put this last, let me just say that I really don’t get the hate for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. Sure, there are a few things they f****d up (cough *Deadpool* cough), but I still enjoy it a lot. I find the story very interesting and the action scenes are awesome. Plus, we meet a lot of new characters and we finally get to understand Logan’s past. Also, Victor is in this one and he’s one of my favorite characters of all the X-Men movies.

№7: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

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Even though we met a lot of new and interesting characters (plus I loved the young versions of characters we were already familiar with), I found ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ a bit unoriginal. It’s a really good film on mostly every level, but I feel like they f****d up the villain. Apocalypse should have been 10 times scarier and 10 times more difficult to defeat. I think the weak portrayal of that character took a lot of the story. Honestly, this film is really good, I just expected it to be a lot better.

№6: ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’

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I don’t get the hate towards this one either. Yes, there are issues, I didn’t like the portrayal of The Phoenix and I thought that whole part of the story was a bit random, but it was still a very interesting and satisfying end to the first trilogy. Plus, I loved the character development of Logan in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and I think this film made me love him so much.

№5: ‘X2’

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Bonus points to the person who can say the next line in the gif above ;). You know, here I don’t get the praise. A lot of people think this is the best X-Men movie. I think it’s great, but as you can see, I don’t think it’s №1. I mostly loved Nightcrawler and also the Magneto stuff. The fact remains, this film is just a really well-directed production that tells a compelling and coherent story.

№4: ‘X-Men’

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Like it or not, this is how it all started. I’m putting ‘X-Men’ so far up my list because I love watching how everything begins. I want to re-watch Jane and Logan’s first encounter, I want to re-watch the first time we see Storm using her powers, and I want to re-watch the first time we see Patrick Steward as Professor X. It’s the ultimate great beginning where we meet these amazing characters. It’s the perfect start for the perfect adventure.

№3: ‘X-Men: First Class’

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This movie did something no movie has ever done before, at least on this level. It started a new era of X-Men films and completely gave a fresh look to the franchise. The story is super interesting and the film answers a lot of questions we’ve had about certain characters.  Plus, the movie goes really in depth into the X-Men universe. Not only does it show us a lot of new details, it also develops characters we didn’t know needed developing! I myself fell in love with Mystique after watching ‘X-Men: First Class’. Before that, she was just ‘meh’, but after watching ‘First Class’, I adored the character!

№2: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Once again, this movie did something no film had ever done before. We actually see old Professor X and young Professor X interact, I mean, come on! When it comes to plot, I think ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is the most interesting X-Men movie and I can literally re-watch it any time. There is also great character development in this one (especially Mystique, Logan, and Professor X). Plus, it gives so many new details about the X-Men universe. Overall, I think ‘Days of Future Past’ is a nearly perfect production.

№1: ‘Logan’

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The most recent one and the best one. As I mentioned in my review, it’s hard to call ‘Logan’ a superhero movie. It’s a physiological drama and the more I think about it, the more I love it and realize what a fantastic film it is. This movie develops Logan to new depths and we see Hugh Jackman portray the character so well, he really is amazing in ‘Logan’. The action scenes are brutal and the direction is flawless. It’s the perfect ending for the perfect character. ‘Logan’ is as near to perfect as a superhero movie can get.

Just a quick note: for anyone who’s interested, if I were to include ‘Deadpool’, I would put it at №1, even before ‘Logan’. That’s how much I love that movie.

Well, guys, there you have it. My ranking of all of the X-Men movies! What did you think of this list? What would you have arranged differently? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Don’t forget to like and share this article if you enjoyed it!

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  1. Gastradamus

    We continue to hear to great things about Logan. Will have to watch this one soon. Would love your thoughts on a new short of mine called Eaten an Eskimo. Its a rough draft and is in the process of being edited, so we need all the feedback we can take

  2. Kelly Konda

    “Bonus points to the person who can say the next line in the gif above”

    Isn’t it something like, “I can’t. They’re a part of me”? Or maybe just “I can’t” and then when he tries to show them what he means they shoot him in the head like the mutant-fearing human cops they are?

    Anyway, your whole list is suspect for ranking Origins: Wolverine above The Wolverine? I mean, come on, really? For two-thirds of its run, The Wolverine is basically a PG-13 Logan. Same director. Same writers. Same fight scenes minus the blood and beheadings. Different setting, but same ambition to be a standalone, scaled back story that only barely resembles a superhero movie. Then the third act happens and there’s a giant robot.


    Okay. So that part’s not great, but it is because of the lessons Mangold and company learned on Wolverine that Logan is so good.

    But I digress because I respect the arguments you made, which often came down to which of these movies you’d most want to re-watch, as fine a criteria as any. I also understand your arguments about Last Stand and Origins getting maybe more hate than they deserve, and that Apocalypse is similarly better than some have said it’s just that they definitely screwed up the villain. I remember how completely disappointed everyone was in Last Stand and Origins when they came out, though, and that reaction has shaped their legacy. I also know there are some who would rank Origins dead last based on reputation only without ever having bothered to see the movie other than maybe watching a couple of YouTube clips. And that’s obviously not fair. At the very least, that opening credits trip through history with Logan and his brother is a lot of fun ala Watchmen’s opening credits.

    Anyway, my top 4 are Logan, X2, Days of Future Past and First Class .

    • Our Movie Life

      You are correct about the line. 😉
      And I completely agree with you about ‘The Wolverine’ vs. ‘Origins’. ‘The Wolverine’ is a far better movie if you look at it from a rational perspective. I guess ‘Origins’ is a guilty pleasure of mine. I understand that it sucks on so many levels, and yet I still enjoy watching it a lot. When it comes to ‘The Wolverine’, I thought it was generally a bit random and choppy, but I did enjoy it and it’s a very well-directed film. I just have more fun watching ‘Origins’.
      And yeah, man, I hate when people hate of films based on their reputation… People should see the film and objectively decide for themselves if they like it. If they don’t, that’s completely fine with me, different tastes and all, but they should at least see the film before they hate on it.
      Thanks so much for your awesome comment! 🙂

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