Casey Neistat Is the Best

I saw a Casey Neistat movie for the first time about two years ago. It was his most famous video at the time (and currently, I believe) and, shockingly, it didn’t grab me. His concept was original, but after watching his film, I didn’t feel the urge to click on his channel and watch something else.

After about a year or so, another Casey Neistat video popped-up in my recommended page. I clicked on it and I was hooked immediately. I’ve been following his career ever since.

I can tell you, with complete honestly, that the fact that I didn’t click on his channel that first time I came across it is one of the biggest regrets in my life. Why? Because Casey Neistat is the most inspirational filmmaker and the most amazing person. I simply can’t think of anyone I haven’t met personally that has taught me so much.

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Let’s talk about Casey’s movies first.

Short films are dying. There isn’t a market for them anymore, people don’t get impressed by them, and they are sometimes even harder to sell than feature films. Casey Neistat is a revolutionary in that genre. He stands out amidst the recent plague of ‘vloggers’. His main purpose is not to show us his life (as it is with almost all other vloggers), but rather to make an actual quality movie. He creates and he makes actual pieces of art daily. He doesn’t have the money or the gear to produce a feature film, and yet his productions impress me more than most of the things I see in the cinema.

Technically speaking, his short films are masterpieces: the drone footage, the general cinematography, the music (which is special for every ‘vlog’), and we must not forget the marvelous editing. Furthermore, Casey doesn’t simply tell us the story of his day. No, quite an opposite: he creates a story for us to watch. He full-knowingly makes so that his day functions in a beautiful frame and that it build a perfect narrative. Thus, Casey becomes a true filmmaker, rather than a ‘vlogger’.

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Now, why is Casey Neistat such an amazing person?

Casey Neistat creates creators. There are many sources of inspiration out there for filmmakers. I, personally, have been inspired by many films and by many actors and those things have made me want to try out filmmaking and acting. Casey Neistat goes beyond that. He doesn’t just tell you to create, he guides you. He pushes you to go beyond what you thought you could achieve as a creator inspires you to do even more. That is very important. Everyone has ideas and everyone wants to create something at one point of their lives. However, those ideas often get unfinished or not even started. Casey Neistat makes you run towards your ideas and make them a reality. He inspires people to do more and to achieve their best selves. Mainly, he reaches out to filmmakers, but the concept is the same for all people.

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Casey Neistat is a revolutionary. His techniques for short films, his thoughts on working hard, and his entrepreneurship skills will be remembered in history, mark my words. This person is changing the industry. We should all take a look at what he is doing. Through that, everyone will surely find it in themselves to create something, regardless of whether it’s a movie or not. That’s why Casey Neistat is the best.

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Mickey Angelov