Mickey’s Weekly Recommendation: ‘There’s Something About Mary’

Happy Thursday!

This week’s recommendation is…

‘There’s Something About Mary’!

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I know a lot of you have seen this film. It’s a comedy classic. Saying you haven’t seen ‘There’s Something About Mary’ is like saying you haven’t seeing ‘Inception’. I do, however, have the urge to talk about it on Our Movie Life. Why? Because I know that a vast majority of the public hasn’t seen ‘There’s Something About Mary’. I’m mainly addressing those born post 2000. I did a survey asking a couple of my younger friends (1999/2000) if they had seen this film. As it turns out, 50% have seen it and 50% haven’t. We gotta pump those numbers up!

I feel like everybody should watch this movie. It’s one of the most iconic comedies I can think of. It’s goofy, which many people, including myself, love. Also, it’s really hilarious. The acting is fantastic and the plot is very interesting to watch. True, the movie is based on a ridiculous premise, but it works. This production laid out the building blocks for many comedies in the following years. It’s very well-made and it serves its purpose. For that reason I think that all movie fans and filmmakers in particular should see this film. Everyone must watch it, of course, but those groups might even benefit from exploring and analyzing such a great comedy. So, if you are looking for a very well-produced and hilarious movie to watch this weekend, I highly recommend ‘There’s Something About Mary’!

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Mickey Angelov