‘Prison Break’: A Fresh and Relevant New Season

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‘Prison Break’!

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The Previous Seasons

‘Prison Break’ is maybe the first TV show that I’ve ever watched (either that or ‘Lost’, I’m so sure). I was very young when I first started following it and I hadn’t seen any really well-made TV shows back then. Needless to say, I was very impressed with ‘Prison Break’. I haven’t rewatched the previous seasons in a long time, but I still think of the show as a very good productions based on the thoughts that my young self had ten years ago. Even though I don’t remember basically anything of the plot, I do remember the vibe the show had. So, I’m very happy that the new season of ‘Prison Break’ has that same feeling. Don’t forget, the first episode of the latest season came out only two weeks ago,¬†which makes an eight year gap between season 4 and season 5. It was probably very hard for the producers to make the new season feel like the previous ones, but they succeeded.

Is the new season any good?

‘Prison Break: Sequel’ fits perfectly into the overall narrative and frame of the show. It’s exciting, it’s mysterious (as it should be), all the characters fit into the new story great, and it’s still one of the most original shows out there. Not saying it’s perfect, there are definitely far better shows out there for you to watch, but considering the fact that the production’s main focus is entertainment, they nailed it. So, if you are looking for a new mysterious and original show to watch, I highly recommend ‘Prison Break’! (especially if you’ve watched the previous seasons of the show)

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Mickey Angelov