The Future of Our Movie Life

I don’t even know how Our Movie Life started. I remember registering to because I wanted to write about movies. Since then, I kept telling myself to focus on this and to work harder, but I never managed to actually do it. Until the beginning of 2017. Then, I told myself that I would make Our Movie Life my first real business. And guess what? Four months later and 5000 visitors later, it’s going really well.

Our Movie Life has grown big. Too big for me alone to handle. I want to publish good content every day and I strive to create a base of people who read this website on a daily basis. Some of you may have noticed that the title page of the website no longer says ‘Our Movie Life – By Mickey Angelov’. Why? Because it’s not longer just me.

We are now a team. I want to produce more and I want to make Our Movie Life better, but I can’t do it alone. Soon, two or three people will be officially joining the website. One of them will handle PR and marketing, while the others will write articles. I’m so excited for this change. I will still be monitoring everything, advertising everything, and the majority of articles will be written by me, but a lot more people will be working on and for Our Movie Life. I’m extremely excited for this change.

A month ago, the website was getting almost 100 unique visitors a day. Now, that number has dropped quite a lot. That’s probably because I’ve changed to a self-hosted domain (it has its downsides, believe me) and because I haven’t been publishing articles so regularly. Still, Our Movie Life can develop a lot more! So here’s a message to those of you who check this website on a daily basis: share it! Talk to your friends, share Our Movie Life on your social medias, comment and like the articles! Help us develop even more. It will be greatly appreciated.

I am wildly grateful for the respect and recognition this site has earned so far in 2017. 5000 visitors. Wow. That’s mind-blowing to me. Thanks you, really, thank you, to each and every one of you who have visited Our Movie Life.

Kind regards,

Mickey Angelov, Head of OurMovieLife