‘Beauty and the Beast’: Review

‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been getting a lot of hype in recent weeks. That’s probably because it stars Emma Watson (along with some other fantastic actors) and is live action remake of the Disney animation from 1991 that holds so much value to us 90’s kids. I went into this movie with no expectations at all, I didn’t know whether I was going to like it or hate it. My initial thoughts? ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is deeply flawed when it comes to plot and characters, but it’s probably the most beautiful movie I’ve seen in my entire life.

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I’m gonna start with the negatives first. As I said, when it comes to plot, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is certainly not a masterpiece. It’s unoriginal, there are some very random scenes at times, and I think that the fact that they didn’t change almost anything from the original movie limited them a lot. The film dragged quite a bit, especially throughout it’s second act. Now, I said that it’s unoriginal, and it is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. So many productions nowadays are trying to present ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ stories and most of them are failing. Let us not forget that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a live action remake of an animation from 1991. It’s not supposed to be original, it’s supposed to hold and present basic themes and motifs so that kids might benefit from watching this production. I just had to say this because I know a lot of people are bashing on the fact that it’s so similar to the original movie and thus, unoriginal. The thing I loved about ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is that it hold so much nostalgic value. I grew up watching the 1991 movie and I’m telling you, when that first song started and Emma Watson started singing, I literally got goosebumps all over my body. I was actually quite skeptical about the songs, but they fit in great with everything else and set the tone of the film perfectly. You know, when it comes to plot, this movie is certainly not perfect, but I loved the fact that it really feels like a fairy tale. Nowadays, so many producing companies are taking the concepts of basic fairy tales and turning them into something ‘fresh’ and ‘original’ and it felt good to watch an actual classic fairy tale and just have a little bit of fun.

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Belle and the Beast are developed very well in this production. It’s slow and subtle and you understand them as the movie goes along. However, I have to admit that other than the two main characters, I found the rest flawed. I thought that unnecessary focus was put on some characters, like Gaston and Maurice, and that focus was taken away from other essential characters, like Lumiere and Cogsworth. I certainly didn’t like how the character of Gaston was executed. I loved watching him, but he was not developed well. You start of with this self-involved egotistical man who seems a bit pushy towards Belle, but is overall kind of charming and cool. And by the end of the film, he’s this complete monster and behaves horribly and there is absolutely no justification to this. I mean, I get that he’s the villain, but his evil side was showed so randomly and I was not pleased.

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The directing of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is not great when it comes to story-telling. There are some random scenes and songs throughout the film and the production also generally drags. However, when it comes to actually putting a scene together and filming it, Bill Condon couldn’t have done a better job. This film is, and I can’t stress this enough, absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The song scenes are one of the best filmed and directed scenes I’ve seen in recent years. The CGI is one of the best I’ve seen ever. The costumes are f**king amazing, the production design is unbelievable, the sets are beautiful, the lighting is fantastic, the color grading and fixing is perfect, the sound editing is flawless… I can’t stress this enough, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ looks absolutely stunning. The cinematography is fantastic as well, mostly every shot in this film is a masterpiece. All those things combined make probably the best looking movie I’ve seen in my entire life. Even though I generally didn’t like the plot and characters, I’ll go see this movie again on IMAX just to live through that again on a big screen. It looks f**king unbelievable and is a true feast for the eyes.

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The casting in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is also incredible. Emma Watson was simply born to play Belle and Dan Stevens is fantastic as the Beast. Luke Evans is terrific as Gaston (maybe my favorite performance in the film) and Josh Gad is hilarious as LeFou. Overall, I have to say, they nailed it when it comes to casting. All the actors do a terrific job and portray their characters perfectly. Hell, even the extras in this movie are awesome!

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So, do I recommend ‘Beauty and the Beast’? With one word, yes. I think the movie is very flawed when it comes to characters and plot, but it’s still an overall entertaining movie to see, especially if you are a kid or someone born in the 90’s. However, there are three essential reasons as to why I’m recommending you to see this movie. One, it feels like a true fairy tale, something we haven’t seen in live action in a long time. Two, the nostalgic value. If you are a 90’s kid, go see this, you’ll surely enjoy it. And three, the visuals. This film is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen on the big screen. You have to see this, trust me, it will stun you. Yeah, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ might be flawed, but there are some great aspects of it. And you know, if it’s not gonna be a trip to Rome or Paris, why not go to your local cinema and see the most beautiful film ever made?

  • Plot: 2.5/4
  • Characters: 2.5/3.5
  • Directing: 3/3.5
  • Technical parts: 3/3 
  • Acting: 3.25/4
  • Does it know what it is?: 0.5/1
  • Did I overall like it?: 0.5/1

Total: 7.6/10

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