‘American Gods’ Episode 1: Pros & Cons

‘American Gods’ just premiered four days ago. This show has been getting a lot of hype even from those who have not previously read Neil Gaiman’s novel (including me). Now, I wasn’t originally intending on watching ‘American Gods’, but my friends told me such amazing things about it, I couldn’t miss on the opportunity. So, I checked out the first episode. My short thoughts? The show runs on an interesting concept, but I found the first episode way too cryptic and ‘alternative’ than necessary.

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What I liked about the first episode of ‘American Gods’:
  • This is clearly a very enticing and engaging show. From the first five minutes, I was deeply caught up in the story and needed to know more.
  • The concept is extremely original. I say that a lot, but this applies here more than anywhere. Truly, you’ve never seen anything like this.
  • The casting is literally perfect. Ricky Whittle is the best he’s even been in ‘American Gods’ (I’ve been following his career since he was Lincoln in ‘The 100’). However, the true star of episode one was Ian McShane, who is quite honestly brilliant as Mr. Wednesday and portrays the character perfectly.
  • There is some great foreshadowing.
  • Generally, an interesting episode that left me wanting more.

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What I didn’t like about the first episode of ‘American Gods’:
  • If you haven’t read the book, you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I get that this is supposed to make the viewer want to come back and watch another episode in order to understand what’s going on, but I found it extremely irritating.
  • Way too cryptic.
  • Generally, quite chaotic. The story somehow didn’t flow, everything felt very chopped up and incoherent.
  • Generally, quite random. Things happen from nowhere, there are a lot of scenes that just feel out of place, and a lot of the first episode feels as if it’s there just for the sake of it. I know that it actually isn’t and I know that those scenes are surely there for a reason, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way.
  • Characters make irrational decisions. I get it, the story has to develop, but at least make it so in an explainable manner. I understand that this is probably coming from the book, but the show could have fixed it if they wanted to.

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I’m not making any assumptions about ‘American Gods’ based on this first episode. As you can see, there are both pros and cons about it. Am I going to continue watching the show? Of course, at least until I can form a clear and educated opinion about it. Until then, all I can and should do is simply enjoy the interesting story that ‘American Gods’ tells. After all, that is why we watch film & TV.

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2 Replies to “‘American Gods’ Episode 1: Pros & Cons”

  1. Kelly Konda

    Agree completely. It’s visually engaging and perfectly cast, but it’s also choppy and cryptic to the point of making you question how many episodes it will take before everything starts to make sense. Beyond not making sense, even when a book-reader happily explains it all to you there’s still the problem that nothing seems to be really flowing yet and we’re probably just set up for an endless series of different color-coded sequences of Shadow interacting with yet another stunt-cast god. But…it’s Neil Gaiman. And Bryan Fuller. And look at that cast and cinematography. Surely it’s going to be amazing…eventually. So, I’ll keep watching.

    • MickeyAngelov

      YES! Summed up all my thoughts perfectly. I agree completely. I will surely be amazing, we just have to grind out teeth and wait…
      Thank you for your comment!

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