5 Reasons Why the Action Scenes in ‘Wonder Woman’ Are Amazing

‘Wonder Woman’ is surely the first really good DCEU movie. The film has to offer so much. It’s a meaningful production, very exciting, fresh, and truly entertaining. Out of all the things that are amazing about it, one struck me the most: the action scenes. Here are five reasons as to why the fight sequences in ‘Wonder Woman’ are marvelous.

№1: The slow motion.

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One of my biggest concerns going in to this movie was that the use of slow motion in the fight scenes would be too much and would therefore ruin them. I had seen the trailers (which show a lot of slow motion) and that led to my worries. Granted, there is in fact a lot of slow mo in ‘Wonder Woman’, but it completely disproves my thoughts prior to seeing the movie. This particular technique makes the scenes a thousand times more exiting and gives them a unique flair. Slow motion has never been used so good in a movie until now. It makes ‘Wonder Woman’ aesthetically more beautiful and gives it a particular feeling that no other superhero movie can argue to have.

№2: They are choreographed.

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Unlike any MCU movie where the fight scenes are literally jump, cut, jump, cut, jump, cut and have absolutely no originality, the action in ‘Wonder Woman’ is actually choreographed well and thought-out. The fighting is exciting in this movie. It’s strangely beautiful and extremely entertaining. It’s a feast for the eyes, really. ‘Wonder Woman’ is a deeply emotional movie both plot-wise and when it comes to the action scenes. You feel a compelling excitement and fear while watching those sequences because they are very well thought-out and acted. Unlike the MCU, where the action scenes serve simply for entertainment value, here you get both that and an actually good fighting sequence.

№3: The cinematography.

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Again, any MCU movie has action scenes that are all jump and cut. No substance and no aesthetic whatsoever. A lot of the genius of the fight sequences in ‘Wonder Woman’ comes from the way they are shot. You can often see a single long shot that follows a certain character. You can see in the gif above how Diana’s slide over the floor was shot. Rather than shooting how the actress falls to the floor, then cutting a couple of times, and then having shot of her getting of the floor (which is exactly what Marvel would do), the cinematographers of ‘Wonder Woman’ actually have the camera follow along the superhero as she slides. It sounds like an insignificant detail, I know, but that is not the case, believe me. When you have been seeing the same thing over and over again, a change like this is extraordinary and awesome.  Your eyes don’t hurt after watching the movie and it looks a lot more beautiful and original.

№4: Good use of CGI.

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The first two hours of ‘Wonder Woman’ have no extensive CGI. It is used, of course, but it you don’t really notice it because Wonder Woman herself is mostly portrayed by Gal Gadot (or a stunts double), rather than being CGI. That is, until the last twenty or so minutes of the movie. There is a lot of CGI in those. However, it doesn’t bother me at all, I actually admire the way it is done. I like it because a) the CGI is actually freaking fantastic, b) it works great with the story, c) it’s justified because of how well things were build towards that specific ending, and d) there wasn’t a lot of CGI beforehand, so I was completely fine with some computerized action scenes towards the end.

№5: They are just awesome.

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This is more of a combination of everything I’ve already mentioned. The action scenes are a lot more original than most other superhero movies. That comes a lot from the extensive use of slow motion, how well choreographed they are, how well shot they are, and how good the use of CGI is. But not only. Patty Jenkins has achieved to give the fight sequences a certain vibe, a certain feeling, that manages to truly excite the viewer. Most action movies strive exactly towards that, to make their action scenes exciting, and many do achieve it, but Patty Jenkins has managed to somehow make the fight sequences feel different in ‘Wonder Woman’. They are simply great. A masterpiece. Something very original and something that has never been done before. It’s awesome. I mean, look at the gif above. Wouldn’t you pay good money to see thirty minutes of just that?


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