Top 10 Jonah Hill Movies

Jonah Hill has managed to slowly establish himself as a fantastic actor. Once the fat and funny best friend, this particular artist has grown very much and has chosen amazing projects. Jonah Hill gives something different to each character he portrays. He doesn’t have a certain style of acting, he takes every character and makes them different from all else. Out of all my ‘Top 10 ______ Movies’, this took the longest to compose, making me realize in how many spectacular movies this particular actor has been in. So, without further a due, here are the top 10 Jonah Hill movies!

Honorable mentions: 

  • Evan Almighty 
  • Click
  • True Story 
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Django Unchained 
  • Accepted
№10: ‘War Dogs’

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Granted, some of the honorable mentions are much better films than ‘War Dogs’, but this is, after all, a top 10 Jonah Hill movies list. I generally enjoy ‘War Dogs’, I think it’s neither amazing nor awful, but it has a specific glare that none of the other productions on this list have. That comes from Jonah Hill and his truly fantastic portrayal of Efraim Diveroli. Hill made the movie what it is. ‘War Dogs’ is a thousand times more unique precisely because of his performance. The film may not be the best, but Jonah Hill in it certainly is.

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№9: ’22 Jump Street’

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I’ve talked many times how I have seen almost no good comedies in recent years. Each and every one of them counts on the same pattern, the same idiotic system of jokes that strives to be original and funny, but just end up being awkward and ridiculous instead. Not ’22 Jump Street’ though. This particular flick does not want just to entertain, but to entertain through comedy. Something that every comedic film should do, but none seem to. ’22 Jump Street’ is innovative, well-directed, and most importantly – funny. It strives to deliver laughs through two things: well-written dialogue and funny acting. It succeeds in both and manages to not only be a fantastic follow-up to part one, but also a great and hilarious production.

№8: ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’

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Yet another fantastic satire aiming to not only joke around with famous characters, but to also function as an extremely original and very well-made production. ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is one of the funniest and most creative things I’ve seen on the big screen ever. It’s a fantastic movie on almost every level, of course, but that is not the thing that puts it on my list. I constantly say that movies are ‘original’ or ‘unique’ and I really mean it, but this truly stands out of the crowd. Think about this: if I had told you ten years ago that you would be watching an animated LEGO satire with Batman as the main character, would you have believed me? Didn’t think so.

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№7: ‘Superbad’

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You know, years ago I used to not like ‘Superbad’. I mean, I enjoyed it, but I really didn’t get why it was so well appreciated by both the public and the critics. I pushed myself to watch it a couple more times throughout the years and, surprisingly, loved it. ‘Superbad’ is like scotch: you have to know what else is out there, you have to know how to appreciate it properly, and it gets better with time. Truly, this flick stands out from other comedic movies because 1) it’s really good comedy and 2) it has great drama. It knows what it is, it knows what it wants to do, and it knows how to do it. You find something new with each rewatch and learn to appreciate ‘Superbad’ for what it aims to be and nothing else: a delightful comedic adventure.

№6: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’

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To be honest with you, I haven’t seen ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is many years, so I will do this review from the perspective of my 11-year-old self. For that guy, this was literally the best movie ever. I collected action figures, I read books, played the video games, I literally stole hundreds of flyers from the movie theater and created a scrap-book about it. 11-year-old Mickey was obsessed. I remember thinking it was also fantastic from a filmmaking perspective and I remember seeing it four more times in the movie theater. Later, I bought myself the DVD. So, yeah… I was a normal kid… But anyway, I trust my 11-year-old self’s grade. Also, I did a bit of research and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ seems to be very well respected from a critical perspective to this day, so I guess I my younger self was correct. Nice.

№5: ‘Moneyball’

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I saw ‘Moneyball’ for the first time only about a year ago. The most unique and beautiful thing about this production is not the story it tells, but the way it tells it. Bennett Miller has taken a great screenplay and through fantastic storytelling skills, turned it into a truly well-made movie. The quality of the film itself and the lessons that the story tells make this production the perfect combination of the two most important things each movie should present: a good story and good filmmaking.

№4: ‘The LEGO Movie’

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‘The LEGO Movie’ is probably the most shocking film I’ve seen in my entire life. Going into this, I expected nothing. Or even less than nothing, I expected a pretentious and unoriginal attempt to take things that were already good and ruin them. I am glad to say that I was utterly and completely wrong. ‘The LEGO Movie’ takes things that are already good and through a unique and awesome lens makes them even better. It has original storytelling, fantastic characters, so much comedy and funny dialogue, and probably the most shocking plot-twist I have ever seen. Also, it is certainly the best marketing decision ever.

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№3: ’21 Jump Street’

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This is my favorite comedic film from this century and certainly makes my top 5 favorite comedies of all time list. ’21 Jump Street’ is the perfect example of good comedy. It has genius dialogue and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill work fantastically as a comedic duo, their chemistry is truly of the charts. To be honest, few other movies have made me laugh out loud as much as ’21 Jump Street’ has and for that, I cherish it deeply.

№2: ‘Sausage Party’

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I don’t even know what to say about this.

So, ‘Sausage Party’… You see, I love risks. People say ‘Go big or go home’ and I think that’s exactly what the creators behind ‘Sausage Party’ were thinking while developing this film. It’s undeniably original and extremely hilarious. You have never and will never see anything remotely similar to ‘Sausage Party’. It’s very interesting and even has an amazing plot-twist at the end.

But forget all that if you want. Forget that this is a movie about a sausage who wants to have sex while smoking weed. ‘Sausage Party’ really has a deeper meaning below the surface. If you think about it, this is a film about racism, about how we perceive people, about what we think matters vs. what actually matters, etc. As I’m writing this, I realize that I sound sarcastically, but I assure you, I don’t mean it that way: ‘Sausage Party’ really does explore all those things… while simultaneously being a film about horny sausages.

And by the way, always remember this: if you are ever doubting yourself, remember that a guy once went into an office, pitched an idea about a movie in which sausages would smoke weed and have an orgy, and got approved. Always take risks.

№1: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

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With every new viewing, I love ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ more and more. First time I saw it, I wasn’t very fond of it. Second time, I still didn’t like it much, although I at least understood it. And now, about ten viewings later? One of my favorite films of all time.

I’ve written many articles about ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ on Our Movie Life (like this or this), but even my 1000 word essays scratch the surface. It’s hard to say anything comprehensive about it with one paragraph, so I will just leave you with this: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is perfect on every level. The cinematography, the directing, the storytelling, the acting, the characters. It’s all fantastic and works perfectly together, creating one breathtaking cinematic masterpiece. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is, and always will be, one of the greatest.


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