‘Game of Thrones’ Prediction #2: Will Sansa Betray Jon?

My ‘Game of Thrones’ predictions segment is continuing (although this was supposed to come out yesterday, I apologize) and this week it’s a tough one.

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Warning: the following article contains spoilers from everything that has happened so far on ‘Game of Thrones’!

So, one of the most discussed questions lately by ‘Game of Thrones’ fans is whether Sansa Stark will betray her brother (actually, cousin) Jon Snow. Many are thinking that the ginger girl will in fact enter an allegiance with Littlefinger and will thus betray Jon on purpose. Others believe the similar theory that Sansa will still screw over her brother, but it will be unintentionally and she too will be betrayed by Littlefinger. And then we have those who disprove this theory and think that the young Stark girl will certainly not do anything against her brother and that she will not fall into Littlefinger’s trap. Which side do I stand on?

The second one. I believe, and am quite certain, that Sansa will not betray Jon and that she will actually screw over Littlefinger.

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Why? Two main reasons, really. To begin with, I think it would be extremely appropriate (and something the writers would totally do, to be honest) if Littlefinger was to die from the hands of a Stark woman. I think either Arya or Sansa will kill him, probably Sansa. He has been playing a very dangerous game and has been using precisely Stark women to achieve most of his purposes. I don’t think it would serve well if he was to screw over yet another one. That move has been played out and the writers probably want to try something new.

Reason number two: Sansa’s relationship with Jon. So, all throughout seasons two to six, all the Starks were separated from one another and most of them were brutally killed. Winter has now come so its their time to shine again. I think that there aren’t going to be many major conflicts between the Star children from now on. That too has been played out and the writers are currently working towards a grand Stark reunion. Bran is going to Winterfell from the north and Arya is coming from the south. There will most probably be a reunion between Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran this season. I think the writers are working towards a Stark comeback and it wouldn’t make much sense to put Sansa and Jon into conflict once again. Yes, this is ‘Game of Thrones’ and anything can happen, but something like this would ruin the structure of the show and destroy the grand Stark comeback the producers (and fans) have been wanting since season two.

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So, this week I disproved a theory, at least in my eyes. You can choose whether to believe or not that Sansa will betray Jon, there are arguments that can be made for both sides. As fans, all we can do is simply wait and see. No matter how much we theorize and theorize, no one can truly know what G.R.R. Martin might write or what those f****d up sons of b*****s over at HBO might produce.


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