Our Movie Life Is on Break

Hello, all.

It’s Mickey here. I’m writing this to those loyal Our Movie Life fans out there who keep track of everything going on with this website. This is a short update.

In the last three months, Our Movie Life has achieved so much. This website is close to having 20K views and is now officially in the world rankings for most read sites (there are literally 3 million websites above it, but not every page out there is on those rankings). I’ve written great stuff, in my opinion, and I think the quality of articles on here has improved greatly.

I am extremely proud. Our Movie Life came out of nothing and now, about a year later, 15K people have read articles published here (don’t even get me started on the number of people who have simply visited the website). I want to thank every single person who has read anything on Our Movie Life. It really means a lot.

Special thanks to Boyan Petrov. Man, if you are reading this, you must know that your help and dedication with this website is highly appreciated and will be worth it one day.

With all this in mind, it saddens me to say that I will not write many articles or take care of Our Movie Life much in the following months. I’m going to university in a different country in ten days. During those ten days, I need to take some time to prepare and relax after all the hard work I’ve done this summer. After those ten days end, I need to take some time to adapt to my new environment and focus on my studies.

I will continue to write and publish though. Don’t think you won’t read anything on here in the next months. No, I just won’t publish as frequently. So far I’ve been aiming to post three or four articles a week. Taking in mind all the other projects I’m working on, this has been tough and time consuming (but also really fun). From now on you can expect, I’m guessing, about one article a week. I guarantee, however, than whenever I find the time to write anything, it will be something worth reading. You can expect a review of ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ really soon as well as some other awesome stuff.

Hope you understand I need to take some time of this website in order to focus on more urgent matters. I thank you all again. Also, I assure you again that I will continue working on Our Movie Life and publishing about one article per week. The number of materials on here just won’t be as frequent as they have been during summer 2k17.

You can expect a grand return this winter, I suppose? But I don’t want to promise anything, you know? I don’t know what going to happen. I guarantee to you, however, that this website will not be forgotten. Ever. Mark my words: one day Our Movie Life will be a known name. For now, however, this website is going on break. As am I.

As always, thank you so much for reading,

Mickey Angelov, CEO of Our Movie Life