Our Movie Life: Best of 2017

As 2018 begins, I am eager to write up a list of my best articles on Our Movie Life throughout 2017. For me, this year past year has been, both personally and professionally, unbelievably amazing. Our Movie Life got 25000 views just before 2017 ended. That is absolutely ridiculous and I am utterly grateful to all who have ever visited this website.

The following list is, to be honest, mostly for myself. I want to narrow down the ten articles with which I’m most proud this year. I’ve written some great stuff and I’ve written some awful stuff. I’ve been proud and disappointed. Now, however, I wish to write only of the positive. A tribute to 2017 and a celebration of the success this year has been in regards of Our Movie Life.

№10: Most Anticipated Films of 2017

Because it was extremely enjoyable to narrow down the things I was excited about.

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№9: Oscars 2017: Mahershala Ali Wins Best Supporting Actor

Because it got more views in one night than any other publication on this website ever.

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№8: 10 Hollywood Celebrities I’d Like to Have Dinner With

Because I gathered all of my idols under one publication.

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№7: Why Everyone Should Go See ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Because I was creative and smart in expressing a controversial opinion.

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№6: The Genius Sci-Fi Flick ‘Coherence’ and Why Money Doesn’t Matter

Because I brought attention to this underappreciated masterpiece.

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№5: Lost Comedic Value and Why ‘Rough Night’ Is a Light in the Tunnel

Because I structurally presented my thesis and opinion on why the great genre of comedy is dying and what we must do to save it.

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№4: ‘A Dangerous Method’: How to Start a Film

Because it was my first in depth analysis of an individual scene and it turned out very well.

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№3: Why Denis Villeneuve Is Not a Good Director

Because controversial opinions are still opinions and are still worth sharing. Oh, and because I presented my opinion well and had support, even though many disagreed with that statement.

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№2: The Genius Narrative & Storytelling in ‘Legion’

Because it’s about something no one had analyzed before and I did a swell job going in depth about ‘Legion’.

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№1: Why I Don’t Like ‘I’m Not There’

Because it’s by far the one piece of writing I’m most proud with.

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Well, there you have it. These are the articles I’m most proud with. Now tell me, what did you like about Our Movie Life this past year? What didn’t you like? Any constructive feedback is more than welcome!

As always, thank you so much for reading,

Mickey Angelov

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