‘Game of Thrones’ Prediction #5: Will the Wall Fall?

Ever since the first episode aired, one of the most anticipated ‘Game of Thrones’ events has been the fall of the Wall. TV show fans and book readers alike have been waiting for the big block of ice to go down for many years now and I can’t seem to help but wonder – when and how?

There were a few changes made to the ‘Game of Thrones’ opening theme for season 7. For example, the Citadel has been added and Dragonstone appears for the first time since season 4. To be honest, none of that really matters: what I’m dying to talk about is a different tiny detail.

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In the picture above you see that the water next to the Wall has now frozen over. Many believe that this is simply yet another indicator that winter has come, but some more open-minded fans have a more outside the box theory: they believe that even though the White Walkers want to go to Westeros, they don’t need to necessarily cross through the Wall. The prevailing theory is that this tiny change in the title sequence actually foreshadows that the White Walkers will simply go around the Wall and that the big ice façade won’t actually ever fall.

Where do I stand? I think this theory is absolute bollocks and that the Wall will most certainly fall.

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Instead of talking on and on about why I think so, I’m going to give you three clear reasons as to why the Wall will fall.

1. The Hound’s vision

There is obviously some connection between the Lord of Light and the Hound. The Lord of Light is clearly a real being in the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe, there has been so much evidence to prove that: Thoros’ dozens of reincarnations, Jon Snow’s reincarnation, the myth about Azor Ahai, Melisandre being right about so much stuff, all the prophecies that have come true, etc. The Hound recently had a vision (one that most certainly came from the Lord of Light) that the White Walkers are coming and that the Wall will fall. My guess is that the Lord is once again right and is telling the Hound what will happen. His visions can’t just be a coincidence.

2. Bran went through the Wall

The Night’s King definitely wants to kill Bran, probably because he’s so powerful and almighty. Bran went through the Wall to Winterfell, not around it, and the shortest way towards Bran in once again, through the Wall.

3. All the foreshadowing

This is more of a broad reason, but still a valid one in my opinion. There has been so much talk of the Wall falling. It has been mentioned numerous times by characters, there have been so many prophecies, and many fear it. The Wall falling would serve as a culmination point for the conflict with the White Walkers – the defense has now fallen, the White Walkers have reached Westeros and the real battle is about to begin. Winter is finally here. Imagine how anti-culminant it would be if the While Walkers, after all this talk about how the Wall is going to fall and how they are coming to Westeros, simply went around the defense!? It’s not how the White Walkers act. It’s not something the fans would like. It’s absolutely not something the showrunners would do.

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But yet again, I’ll say this: as fans, all we can do is simply wait and see. No matter how much we theorize and theorize, no one can truly know what G.R.R. Martin might write or what those f****d up sons of b*****s over at HBO might produce.


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