‘Butter’: An Overlooked Satirical Masterpiece

I saw this film for the first time about five years ago and I have absolutely no idea how I found it or why I was eager to see it.

‘Butter’ is weirdly a very infamous movie from 2011 staring Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, and Ty Burrell. This is an extremely overlooked production, most people, including those who adore cinema and to whom watching films in a full-time hobby, don’t even know it exists. I guess the famous cast failed to execute its PR purpose on this one.

I’ve been saying for a while that ‘Butter’ is an overlooked masterpiece. Not only overlooked, but underrated as well: 33% score on RottenTomatoes and 6.2 score on IMDB. Fans and critics alike don’t see much in this film, but I tend to disagree.

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It’s a satire.

To begin with, ‘Butter’ is a modern satire at its finest. It manages to make fun of everything and anything. All the far fetched characters and their relationships are a beautiful representation of what people have become and how our society functions. Different characters have different motifs and different viewpoints that perfectly illustrate how your values, morals, and general attitude accurately represent who you really are.

The plot is not unstructured, rather extremely self-conscious.

The plot in ‘Butter’ is absolutely ridiculous, some would say chaotic, but I’d rather think it’s constructed self-ironically. What happens throughout the film is not random, it’s all a comment on our world and on our society. It’s all extremely thought-out, you just have to take a step back, realize what every arc means, and then appreciate it.

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You have it all.

Another thing that struck me about ‘Butter’ is how balanced everything is. It has plenty of satire, all spaced out throughout everything else perfectly. The movie is also hits you with this specific type of humor and I found it all extremely hilarious, I haven’t laughed this hard while watching something in a long time. Perhaps this is because this type of comedy suit me specifically, which means that some might not enjoy it, but the fact remains that all the jokes are very well-written. Finally, the creators have managed to include a significant amount of seriousness into this comedic satirical mash-up. ‘Butter’ makes you laugh, it makes fun of the world, it makes fun of us, and yet somehow at the end it manages to teach you a few valuable lessons.

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See for yourselves.

This is all extremely general talk. I can go on and on about this film, I’ve seen in many times and I understand it pretty well at this point. But stop reading this; instead, go watch ‘Butter’ yourselves. And think while watching it. Think to understand what message the production strives to tell. Think to laugh and think to be taught. ‘Butter’ is actually one of my favorite movies and I can’t deal with the fact that it’s so underrated and overlooked. I highly recommend it, believe me, it’s worth your time.

(To be honest, I actually got inspired by this recommendation; I have a lot more to tell about this film. You can expect either a character analysis or a general analysis of ‘Butter’ soon.)


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