Who Is the Best Defender?

The Defenders have finally come together and the hype is real.

I’m writing this prior to seeing anything from the new Netflix show, but by the time this is published I will have probably binged the entire first season. I’m a massive fan of all Marvel Netflix TV shows and I’m dying to talk about this one because (OH MY GOD) I’ve been waiting for this s**t four years.

Since I already ranked all shows and wrote a couple of reviews and character analysis, I decided to instead give you a ranking not of stories, but of characters. I asked myself: who is the best Defender? Who is most powerful in a fight? Who works best with others? Read what’s next to find out.

Is it Daredevil?

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Pros: Daredevil is a very skilled fighter and he is very ambitious. He probably works well with others and he thinks logically to always find the best solution. Also, his abilities to hear things miles away, smell what the Thai place next door is cooking, or understand when someone is lying would probably be huge assets to the team.

Cons: As far as I remember, Matt Murdock recently retired and is no longer Daredevil. He could take a while to find his place in the team and figure out what he really wants. Also, we know that Elektra is now a part of the Hand and we know that Matt has a thing for her, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he went all ‘no, don’t kill her, we can save her’ on the rest of the team.

Defender Rating: 8/10

Is it Jessica Jones?

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Pros: Jessica is always willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She is extremely ambitious and she isn’t afraid to go into danger head first. Even though she often acts like a bitch, she actually cares for people and is always willing to help. Her huge curiosity and PI skills are also big assets as she can always find another way to get answers. Jessica also has super-strength, let’s not forget this. Plus, she is the only one on the team who can technically fly; that could come in handy.

Cons: Jessica is a lone wolf and she hates working with others. I imagine that she would rather go out alone looking for answers then to team up with a guy with a glowing fist. Her bitchiness and usual carelessness might slow down the team at times. Plus, Jessica is the one who is most emotionally scared from previous villain encounters and she might have some PTSD that might prevent her from achieving every goal.

Defender Rating: 7/10

Is it Luke Cage?

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Pros: He’s basically indestructible. While every other Defender could theoretically die at some point, I see no possible scenario where Luke Cage gets blown up. He’s a huge asset to the team as he can literally protect everyone with his body. It really doesn’t matter if ninjas go at him with kung-fun skills because they would probably break all bones in their body just attempting to hit him. On top of that, he has super-strength. Luke also cares so much about people, especially the little guy, and he would be willing to do anything to protect his neighborhood and his loved ones. He’s determined and in perfect control of his emotions.

Cons: Similarly to Jessica Jones, Luke is not great working in a team. I also think he’s rather skeptic of most things and would have a hard time believing that the Hand are immortal, for example. Luke is stubborn and often does what he thinks is right instead of what other suggest him to do and that might be a problem when working with other superheroes.

Defender Rating: 9/10

Is it Iron Fist?

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Pros: Technically speaking, he is the most skilled fighter out of them all and could take down any regular ninja easily. He has the biggest determination to take down the Hand and his knowledge of their past, Kun-Lun, and Madame Gao would probably be of great importance. Danny is literally meant to take down the Hand. He also has so much money and if the Defenders ever need anything – he’s on it.

Cons: Danny is rather impulsive and often doesn’t think about what he is doing. His drive for vengeance can take him down a wrong path and he might do some stupid mistakes along the way. I also think that he might not get along with the other Defenders: even though he is probably good at working with others, he always thinks he is right and often times does only whatever he thinks in the correct choice.

Defender Rating: 8/10

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In conclusion…

So, to answer my previous question: who is the best Defender? Turns out: Luke Cage! His tight skin, ambition, and need to help others make him the most valuable asset to the Defenders team.

But this whole rating thing is a bit stupid, don’t you think? I’m discussing what the pros and cons of these four individuals are, but that’s not the point of the Defenders. In reality, when they all work with each other they can do anything  and defend (pun intended) anyone. So, as far as I’m concerned, when the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are together and become the Defenders, they are all 10/10.


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