How ‘The Defenders’ Sets Up Future Marvel Shows

I’ve been waiting for this s**t three years. Finally, I saw ‘The Defenders’.

And it’s good.

For those of you who don’t know, ‘The Defenders’ is the TV version of ‘The Avengers’ where Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all come together to take down the global crime organization known as the Hand. This has been one of my most anticipated productions for such a long time and I was so excited to see it. My initial thoughts: as I said above, it’s good. Sadly, it’s not the best out of all Netflix Marvel TV shows.

I will not get into the specifics of the show itself because I simply don’t feel like reviewing it. I’d rather talk about the future of the characters. What does ‘The Defenders’ ending mean for everyone?

Warning: What’s next contains major SPOILERS from ‘The Defenders’!

Jessica Jones

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In the end of the season we see Jessica step into her office/apartment. She sees Malcolm covering up bullet holes and he says to her ‘It’s almost like you are back in business’ to which she replies ‘Yeah, almost’. After that Jessica takes the cardboard off the window and uncovers the sign ‘Alias Investigation’.

Technically speaking, Jessica is back in business. She will continue to investigate and that’s probably where Jessica Jones season 2 will start off. However, what I love most about this is the symbolic: because she got to know Matt, Luke, and Danny and fight alongside them, she now feels more stable and more emotionally healthy. After she took down the Hand she is ready to get back into business. In reality, her fight actually helped her get back on her feet, which is pretty allegoric, don’t you think?

Luke Cage

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Last we see of Luke is when he leaves the bar and says to Jessica ‘You’ve got friends. One of them’s in Harlem’.

This shows that Luke will go back to what he has always wanted to do: helping the little guy. He will remain the hero of Harlem, he will continue to save kids off the streets, or beat up muggers. Luke will also probably go back to his original purpose to find Mariah and Shades and take them down as well. I bet Luke Cage season 2 will start off with him following their tracks.

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Iron Fist

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The last shot of Danny Rand is of him standing on the rooftop of a building, similarly to how Daredevil has been seen many a times, and lighting up his fist.

Given that we know the last thing Matt told Danny was to ‘Protect his city’, I think this implies that Danny will take the role of Daredevil for a while and watch over New York, specifically Hell’s Kitchen. Since Jessica is doing her own thing, Luke is the hero of Harlem, and Matt is (presumably) dead, it’s Danny who has to watch over New York. I bet next time we see him he will be doing Daredevil’s general job: being an ordinary vigilante, beating up muggers, helping old ladies, and looking for himself.

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Even though everyone thinks Matt is dead, in the last shot of the season we actually find out he is alive and in some church/hospital kind of thing. He wakes up and as the nurse next to him notices, she says ‘Get Maggie. Tell her he’s awake.’ This probably foreshadows the Daredevil comic-book arc ‘Born Again’.

‘Born Again’ is a really heavy story written in 1986 by Frank Miller. Note: by telling you the following I’m potentially spoiling season 3 for you, so read what’s next with caution! Basically, Karen Page becomes a drug addicted porn star and sells Daredevil’s identity to Kingpin for a hit of drugs. Kingpin then does everything in his power to ruin both Matthew’s and Daredevil’s life, making the character extremely emotionally broken. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen also fights an evil impostor called Nuke. Oh, and ‘Maggie’ is actually Matt’s mom.

I doubt they’ll do everything as in the comic, but I’m sure that’s the arc they are going for. I don’t know if we’ll see a drug addicted Karen sell Daredevil’s identity, but we’ll surely see Kingpin doing everything in his power to destroy both Matt and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. That will be the general plot of Daredevil season 3 I think. And Matt will unite with his mom.

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I enjoyed ‘The Defenders’ a lot. I think it’s sets up future shows perfectly and I highly recommend you give it a shot.

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