‘Game of Thrones’ Prediction #6: Bran is the Night’s King!?

There has been a new drunken theory going around the web for a while now. With the Night’s King approaching more and more towards Westeros, fans are wondering more then ever who he is and what his motifs are. There have been many theories throughout the years about the Night’s King’s identity, but none of them seem to have stuck with fans so much as this latest one: Bran is actually the Night’s King?

The theory is this: Bran will attempt to stop the Children of the Forest from making the While Walkers in the first place by time travelling to the 13th Lord Commander’s body and trying to talk the Children out of it by explaining who he is and what will happen. Something will go wrong, however, and Bran will get stuck in the Lord Commander’s body, thus becoming the Night’s King.

What do I think? This is one of the most ridiculous theories out there and I highly doubt there is any chance of it becoming reality.

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There are three reasons why I think so.

Bran is not evil.

Even if this somehow happened, that would mean that Bran is basically the Night’s King and that Bran is actually the one doing all those horrific things the Night’s King is doing. That’s not something Bran would ever think of doing now and I doubt there will be some logical argument as to why he will change so much towards evil.

A time paradox.

This is the complicated one. Okay, so Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven, right, this all-seeing and all-knowing being that can see anything that has happened at any time is Westeros. So, Bran could theoretically time-travel to the same moment when he attempts to talk the Children out of creating the While Walkers. At that moment Bran would watch how he is in the body of the 13th Commander and would also watch how he gets stuck in it. This would make Bran not want to go to the past because not only does he see that he fails to talk the Children out of creating the While Walkers, but that he also gets stuck in the Lord Commander’s body (which would by the way create a time paradox because this way there is no future Bran to travel to the past, so current Bran can’t see the mistake).

Did I explain it okay? I was never good at physics.

It’s illogical.

The Night’s King is one of the most fascinating and mystical characters in the whole saga. If he turned out to be Bran that would take a lot of the character’s persona and I don’t think it would be a logical or appropriate way to explain the character’s motifs and thoughts. It’s not something George R. R. Martin would do and it’s definitely not something D&D would do.

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As a finale, once again I’ll say this: as fans, all we can do is simply wait and see. No matter how much we theorize and theorize, no one can truly know what G.R.R. Martin might write or what those f****d up sons of b*****s over at HBO might produce.


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2 Replies to “‘Game of Thrones’ Prediction #6: Bran is the Night’s King!?”

  1. David

    The Night King in the show is not the same character as the legendary Night’s King in the books.

    There may or may not even be a “Night King” in the books. But if there is, he’s existed far longer than the Nights Watch and therefore could not possibly have been the 13th Lord Commander.

    • MickeyAngelov

      Yeah, I understood that after posting the article. I’m referring to the HBO universe here though.
      Thanks for your comment! ☺️

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