‘Game of Thrones’ Prediction #7: Sam Will Write ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’?

‘Game of Thrones’ season seven has ended and with that – my predictions about the show. This was one of the best seasons of the series so far, despite the constant teleportation and plot-holes, and I now consider myself a bigger fan than ever. For a finish of this prediction segment, I’ve decided to discuss one of my favorite theories ever: is it possible that it is actually Samwell Tarly who will write ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’?

The theory revolves around this: after maester Slughorn tells Sam the name of his last book, Sam replies that that name is a bit too formal and says that if he ever writes a book he will name it something ‘a bit more poetic’. Since then, fans have been theorizing whether it’s possible that Sam will actually be the one who writes the ‘Game of Thrones’ story we all love and cherish?

What do I think? It would be amazing and I think there is a fair chance of it happening, but realistically, I don’t see this theory coming true.

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I think it’s possible for two reasons. One, when Sam told maester Slughorn that he would name his book something ‘a bit more poetic’, that was indeed intentional and I bet the writers were aiming for some sort of fan reaction. ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is a pretty poetic name, wouldn’t you agree? You could argue that D&D are just playing with us and that they just put that line in there for fun, but the more plausible explanation is that they are actually foreshadowing something. I think it’s more likely that the writers of ‘Game of Thrones’ write something with meaning and that suggests the coming of something else rather than write something just for the fun of it and for fan-service.

Second, I, and many others, believe that ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is actually the story of Jon Snow. He is Azor Ahai, he is the Prince That Was Promised, the is the savior, and he is ice and fire in one. If this is true, it makes sense that Sam, his best friend and, let’s face it, his biggest fan would be the one to write his story. I don’t see anyone else doing it better as no one else knows the story of Jon as good as Sam. Again, it is logical that Sam, as a future maester, would dedicate his first book to the boy who helped him and to the man who will save Westeros.

Think of how amazing it would be if the last shot of the show is Sam sitting on a table and writing a book. The boy then gets up, closes the book, and leaves. The camera gets closer to what’s on the table and we see that the title of the book is actually ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Roll credits.

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Yes, this all seems very awesome and very logical. What’s stopping me from fully believing this theory is that it all sounds a bit too cheesy and cliched for D&D’s taste. It sounds like the end of some TV show on FOX or like the end of some fantasy novel written by a 17-year-old girl, not like the end of the epic saga that is ‘Game of Thrones’. Yes, I love this theory and yes, I would love it if this happened, but it really would borderline with cliched and fan-service if it actually came true.

And for the last time this year I will say this: as fans, all we can do is simply wait and see. No matter how much we theorize and theorize, no one can truly know what G.R.R. Martin might write or what those f****d up sons of b*****s over at HBO might produce.


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