The Genius Sci-Fi Flick ‘Coherence’ and Why Money Doesn’t Matter

I wrote ‘most mind-blowing movie’ on Reddit the other day. You know the first result was?

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Not pretentious.

Amongst other films that aim to take the title of ‘most mind-blowing film’, productions such as ‘Primer’ and ‘Predestination’, ‘Coherence’ certainly stands out of the crowd. Why? Well, because it is not pretentious. ‘Coherence’ doesn’t want to appear as something it is not, it doesn’t want to create a fake feeling of surreal seriousness because one, the film already knows what it is and knows what it wants to achieve and two, it’s serious enough as it is.

Unlike anything else.

The main factor that makes this film this good is the originality. And I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it this time. You have literally never seen anything like this before. Most mind-blowing and complicated features usually deal with time-travel, but they present it in their own original point of view. ‘Coherence’ takes the next step by telling a completely different story than usual and thus takes the plot to a whole new level. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before and it will surely leave you humbled and in awe.

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Another thing about ‘Coherence’ is that it makes you think. Undeniably, you will question everything you think you know as the story unfolds and you will even continue to wonder after the film has finished. But let me say something, and this is important: you do not suffer to understand the story and what you are thinking about is not whether you understood the plot or not. No, unlike most similar features, ‘Coherence”s story is not that complicated, it’s still complex, but certainly understandable, and what you are left to think about are the philosophical concepts presented in the movie and the whole ‘grey area’ that ‘Coherence’ developed. And the production is genius in that: it doesn’t pose any questions, but it somehow makes you ask them yourselves.

Real & authentic.

And I have to talk about the way this way made. This film was shot in five days in the director’s house; also, the actors hadn’t read the whole scripts, just little paragraphs about their character’s motives. Oh, and most of the dialogue was improvised. The director even had to step in at times because the actors were improvising for hours, but in the wrong direction.

All this is so genius. I wondered from the beginning why the actors were so unbelievably good in a production with such a low budget (50K), but I guess it’s because, well, they were literally not acting; rather, they experiencing most things for the first on camera. If there was a knock on a door, the actors hadn’t read about it. If one guy decided to leave, the other actors wouldn’t know about it. And if one actor decided that it’s appropriate for his character to pick up a knife and point it at everyone, the other actors still wouldn’t know about that. It’s all happening right there right now and it worked flawlessly.

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A smart movie.

How is it that an experimental production with a 50K budget is so much better than most big-budget Hollywood films? Well, through bold risks, fantastic story, smart moves, and a great general concept. If you have those, you can make an amazing film with only as little as 50K. If ‘Coherence’ is so much better than ‘Batman V. Superman’, I guess money really doesn’t matter.

James Ward Byrkit, the director and writer of ‘Coherence’, really took things to the next level and though genius direction and fantastic original decisions has achieved to make one truly fantastic film. From start to finish, this is an amazing production. I highly recommend you check it out.


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