‘The 100’: The Most Underrated Show Currently on TV

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There is this show, ‘The 100’. I love it! It’s honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years, but there aren’t a lot of fans of it. Don’t get me wrong, its ratings are high and a significant amount of people do love it, but it’s not getting the recognition it deserves. It should be talked about more, like ‘Game of Thrones’. So, I thought, I’ll mention it on my website and maybe draw more people’s attention to it. I’m gonna write my thoughts on ‘The 100’ is review style (plot, characters, etc.), but take in mind, this is not a review. Enjoy!

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I mentioned ‘Game of Thrones’ above because of the striking similarity of that show and ‘The 100’. The latter is basically ‘Game of Thrones’, bit with a lower budget, no nudity, and no swearing. You know those plot-twists in ‘Game of Thrones’ everyone’s always hyped about? ‘The 100”s got them and I dare to say that this show has surprised and shocked me even more than ‘Game of Thrones’. The plot of ‘The 100’ is extremely interesting and engaging. I’ve never lost interest in it and each new season is actually making me more and more enticed into the show. That’s probably because the producers of ‘The 100’ constantly expand the universe the characters are in. They’re always adding new details, new characters, new environments, and it all makes sense and is quite realistic. Also, each season has one or two different main story arcs. All arcs have been very different so far, but they are all extremely original and awesome.

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Do not go into this show if you hate your favorite characters suddenly dying. The producers of ‘The 100’ are not afraid to kill main characters! The characters are by far the best thing about this production. They are interesting to watch, always developing (in both positive and negative ways), and are fluent. Each of them is unique and you never get sick of any of them because they are constantly changing due to the events occurring around them. The thing I love about ‘The 100’ is that it creates realistic characters. None of them are saints. Most of them do horrific things to survive, some go crazy, some change who they are completely in order to live, and at the end, none of them are all good. All the characters interesting to watch because they do what they have to and (usually) have to suffer the consequences of their actions. There are also constantly new relationships developing in ‘The 100’, but they are never random. Each relationship (whether it’s love or friendship or even hate) is developed slowly, the writers never rush things, they want them to be as realistic as possible.

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The direction of the show is fine, it’s not amazing (as it is in ‘Game of Thrones’), but it serves the purpose. The tone is set great and the narrative is well-put. I think the only reason as to why the direction is not marvelous is because ‘The 100’ hasn’t got a very high budget. Same goes with the CGI, it’s not very good, but that’s only because the producers don’t have the money to make it good. When it comes to editing and cinematography, those are also just fine. Actually, in the last two seasons, the cinematography is quite impressive, especially for a TV show.

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All the actors are good, while some are truly amazing. The first actor that comes to mind when I say that is Devon Bostick (Jasper), who is unbelievable in ‘The 100’ (also, his character is amazing). I also have to mention Bob Morley and Lindsay Morgan who both do a magnificent job portraying Bellamy and Raven. There are a few actors in the show that are usually not so great (Paige Turco and Eliza Taylor come to mind), but they are quite good when they get their moments to shine. I find them to be wooden often, but they are both fantastic when there’s a really emotional scene to perform.

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Guys, I love ‘The 100’. I think it’s an amazing show and it’s pretty much perfect on every aspect. If it was on another network (like HBO), it would brake records. It’s so underrated. More people should watch it, it should have a huge fan-base. So, take in mind all the things I said about ‘The 100’ this article. It’s a fantastic show and I highly recommend it. With all these boring TV productions lately, it’s refreshing to see something that takes your breath away.

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