Why Everyone Should Go See ‘Beauty and the Beast’

‘Beauty and the Beast’ opens this weekend. The production has been getting a lot of attention is recent weeks and I went into the movie with no expectations at all. I’m a 90’s kid, so I grew up watching the original 1991 ‘Beauty and the Beast’ animation. I was afraid they were going to screw this live action remake up, but yet I still felt excited to see it due to the cast, producers, and the fact that it’s a remake of a Disney fairy tale. My overall thoughts on the film? You can read all about that in my full review, but in short, I thought it was very flawed, especially when it comes to the narrative and the character development, but I will still recommend it to absolutely anyone. Why? One word: the visuals.

In my opinion, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is the best looking movie to date. I think everyone should go see it simply because everyone needs to understand how films can be art through visual representation. The production is absolutely beautiful and every person, movie fan or not, should go and take a look at what movies can be in 2017.

Why is the film so stunningly looking? Well, it’s basically perfect on every level when it comes to visual representation. To begin with, the production design is flawless and sets the tone of the movie perfectly. Whether it’s a wide angle shot of a forest or of the village or a simple shot of the interiors of the castle, the set is perfect. The thing that impressed me the most was indeed the inside of the castle the Beast lives in. Every detail of it is crafted with such precision and it makes the film feel like a true fairy tale, something we haven’t had in a long time.

The first song in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starts five or so minutes after the beginning of the film and it’s sung by Belle and all the villagers, just like in the original. I’m a big movie fan, I watch and comment of films all the time, and yet I usually don’t notice costumes. That wasn’t the case with ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The costumes were stunning in this movie! I can’t imagine how much work went into creating them. They are all is so flawless and so beautiful and I through that the creators (and specifically costume designers) set the tone of the production perfectly through creating such beautiful gowns and suits.

I have a problem with most movies, especially big budget ones, that have come out in recent years. A lot of them look very… pale. With their efforts to edit the colors in a film, editors seems to often lose track of what they are actually fixing and end up making the movie look more lifeless than in should. The color grading and fixing in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is perfect. I know that seems like something unimportant for many people, but believe me, as someone who has shot and edited short films in the past, I can tell you that sharpening and fixing the overall color scale of a production can make the movie have a totally different feel and make it look ten times more beautiful.

The sound mixing and editing are also fantastic. The voice of the Beast is perfect and works so well with the overall look of the character. All the fight scenes also have wonderful sound editing. The soundtrack is amazing and the songs are so good that they are even an improvement to the songs from the original animation.

The CGI in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is one of the best I’ve seen ever. Other than ‘The Jungle Book’ and maybe ‘Warcraft’, I can’t think of another movie that has visual effects as amazing as they are in this movie. Not only is the face and overall look of the Beast realistic, but everything else is also executed in a perfect manner. I am not kidding you when I say that at times I wasn’t sure whether the thing I was watching was CGI or not.

Every shot is ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a masterpiece. The cinematography is flawless and it works so well with the CGI. Because of those amazing shots, I am willing to call this movie a piece of art. I didn’t want to miss one single scene simply because the cinematography was so good and it all felt like a moving paining to me.

This movie… is a feast for the eyes. Through combining all the things mentioned above, the creators of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ managed to create one of the best looking films ever. Everyone should go see it because everyone should go see what film creators can produce from a simple movie idea nowadays. Everyone should go see it because everyone should understand how beautiful movies can be nowadays and how they can stun you by combining costumes, shots, sets, editing, and CGI. Everyone should go see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ because that way everyone can understand what a high form of art films have become.

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Mickey Angelov

2 Replies to “Why Everyone Should Go See ‘Beauty and the Beast’”

  1. Karandi

    I’m kind of hoping this stays in cinemas for a while because its going to be a couple of weeks before I can get to a cinema. Still, I really want to see this film. I’m not expecting much from it in terms of story and the like given it is a remake but everything I’ve seen of the promotional material has just made it look beautiful and I’d love to see that in the cinema.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • MickeyAngelov

      You should absolutely see this in the cinema. And go to a big IMAX theater, it’s definitely worth it!

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