‘Game of Thrones’ Prediction #3 & #4: Why Jamie Will Live & Will Tyrion Betray Dany?

I’m a bit late on both of my predictions, but this segment is still going on! This week I’m delighted to give you not one, but two ‘Game of Thrones’ predictions and proof on why they are true or false.

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Warning: the following article contains spoilers from everything that has happened so far on ‘Game of Thrones’!

So, in the last episode we see Jaime Lannister fallen in the water after he was attacked by Drogon. He appears to be unconscious and many fans are theorizing on whether he will die or survive. Some think that a major characters hasn’t died lately and that Jaime’s death would give a certain shock value to the series that has been missing lately. Others think that he is way too important to die and that, similarly to what happened to Jon at the end of season five, he will turn out alive in the following episode.

Which side do I stand on? The second one. Why? Plot-armor.

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I can’t say that Jaime is too important to die because we’ve been surprised with that kind of thinking before. What I can say is this: there is a prophecy. It is said that Cercei will die from the hands of her brother. Of course, this could still turn out true even if Jaime dies because Tyrion is also Cercei’s brother and he could kill her, but I think that would be too ordinary and wouldn’t serve justice to many characters.

Jaime has to kill his sister. There has been a lot of foreshadowing for that, Jaime doesn’t approve of many of the things his sister does, and it would be a perfect finish to his overall arch. He is a characters who has grown so much and changed into a better man; the only thing stopping him from being truly good is his love for Cersei. If, no, when, he realizes that she is in fact an awful person, he will be compelled to kill her, thus putting aside his old feelings and becoming a truly good man.

I think this is a fantastic approach and something the writers would totally do. Thus, I disprove the theory that Jaime Lannister is dead.

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The second theory I’ll discuss is whether Tyrion will betray Dany. After the battle in the last episode, many are theorizing that Tyrion might in fact betray Dany because of the sorrow in his eyes looking at the Lannister army getting destroyed. Other believe that the dwarf is way to loyal to Dany and would never do such a thing.

Me? I stand in the middle. I think Tyrion will not betray Daenerys Targaryen… Soon.

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Tyrion is a kind character and his loyalty to Dany is strong. It seems, however, that their relationship has run its course. Tyrion has been a part of Dany’s rule almost two seasons now and not much has changed. He has helped her a lot, given fantastic tips, and because of him she has achieved plenty, but their relationship hasn’t changed at all. I, personally, have always adored Tyrion as a character and he has been a favorite of mine since season one, but lately I find him a bit… I don’t know, boring?

That’s why I think the writers will try to do something new at some point. They are already foreshadowing their break-up by making Dany angry at Tyrion for his war advice and suspicious of him still being loyal to the Lannisters.

I can’t imagine their relationship staying like this at the end of the show. It’s very unlike the showrunners to do something like that. My guess is that the pressure between them will continue to grow until one of them (probably Dany) screws up and the other one decides to leave them and follow someone else. I suppose that around the beginning of season 8 Tyrion will leave Dany and probably join Jon Snow. The writers will want something new and will want to surprise the viewers. Tyrion and Dany separation will be fresh and unexpected and will get the fans talking, which is exactly what the show is constantly aiming towards.

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This week I disproved one theory and agreed with another. But again I will say this: as fans, all we can do is simply wait and see. No matter how much we theorize and theorize, no one can truly know what G.R.R. Martin might write or what those f****d up sons of b*****s over at HBO might produce.


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  1. Kelly

    I wonder about Dany and Tyrion’s long-term future, too. In a Joss Whedon kind of way, those two have been paired for long enough now that it might be time to pull them apart just to change things up. That said, I don’t actually want that to happen. Most audiences probably don’t. That’s exactly why it might happen, though.

    • MickeyAngelov

      I agree, I also expect some changes soon. But personally, I hate Dany, so I wouldn’t mind if Tyrion switched allegiance.

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